Understanding Your Bill

Interested in learning how to read your monthly electric bill? Click here to learn more!

BVES' full time residential rate plans contain pricing tiers that are built on the concept: the less energy you use, the less you will pay for it. We encourage customers to find ways to save by becoming more energy efficient in their home. BVES offers several programs and tools to help customers cut energy use and lower their monthly bills.

In order to understand how your bill works, we've provided a sample break down of a tiered rate schedule below:

Rate Schedule D*
Tier Price Details (Three-Tier Price Structure)
1 14¢ Your monthly billing cycle begins in Tier 1. This is where the price per kWh is the lowest.
2 19¢ Once a customer's Tier 1 allotment has been exceeded, they move in to Tier 2 and pay 5 cents more per kWh.
3 30¢ The price per kWh increases by 11 cents in Tier 3. Customers in this Tier are using a considerable amount of energy.

A daily charge of 21¢ is also billed on a monthly basis.

*Please check BVES' tariffs for actual pricing of each rate schedule here.