Bear Ready Commercial

Over 40 plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) of all types including SUVs, are available for purchase or lease in California, and there are more than 500,000 EVs on California’s roads. The Big Bear Valley is a rural recreation destination within typical driving range for millions in Southern Californians. Bear Valley Electric Service created Bear Ready Commercial to enable EVs to be used for vacation and recreation travel to the Big Bear region. Under Bear Ready Commercial, Bear Valley Electric Service will install the electrical infrastructure (make-ready) for 50 Level 2 EV chargers at visitor serving businesses within Bear Valley Electric Service territory.  Without the Bear Ready Commercial program an average make-ready installation (from transformer to charging outlet) could cost as much as $30,000.  This is an excellent opportunity for your business to become Bear Ready!” To get started, email your name, business name, business address, and how many chargers you are ready to install (maximum of 5) to us at Review the full Bear Ready Commercial Program Handbook.

  • Electricity rates:  Plan your EV charging system to be utilized when rates are at their lowest. Bear Valley Electric Service is unique because their Super-Off-Peak rates are during the day. See TOU-EV-2 (small commercial accounts) and TOU-EV-3 (larger commercial accounts) rate structure for more information.
  • Marketing: EV charging can be used to help distinguish your business from the rest. Some smartphone EV charging locator tools may offer options to advertise EV specific specials related to your business to your potential customers. Also, some hotel search tools have “EV Chargers” as a filter.
  • Email your name, business name, business address, and how many chargers you are ready to install (maximum of 5) to We will review your property and parking availability to determine preliminary eligibility. Once selected, we will send you a Bear Ready Commercial application form to complete.
  • Submit a Preliminary Service Request (PSR) to BVES. Please complete and send a Preliminary Service Request (PSR) by either clicking "Submit" here or printing the PDF version here.
  • Submit the application form along with a marked aerial image of your preferred parking for the EV charger locations.
  • Bear Valley Electric Service staff will schedule a full site assessment. 
  • Eligible applicants will be presented a proposed Bear Ready EV charging solution based on the full application and on the site assessment. 
  • Complete the Bear Ready License Agreement and purchase a Level 2 EV charger that has the capability to be networked, provide full charging session data and will allow for time-of-use pricing.
  • Bear Valley Electric Service will install everything up to the mounting apparatus and EV charger, which can be installed by one of the contractors from the BVES Big Bear approved list.
  • Post your EV charging station information to the PlugShare, Google-maps, and Alternative Fuels Data Center station locator tool.
  • Must be on a commercial tariff with a peak main meter service demand of less than 500kW. 
    • Commercial customers with a peak demand of less than 20kW may be eligible for a make-ready supporting between 1 and 5 Level 2 EV charger connectors.
    • Commercial customers with a peak demand between 20kW and 500kW may be eligible for a make-ready supporting between 3 and 5 Level 2 EV charger connectors.
  • Be the property owner or an individual authorized by the property owner to apply on their behalf.
  • Be located within and served electricity by Bear Valley Electric Service. 
  • Be a resort, hotel, motel, restaurant, recreation facility, grocery store, or commercial retail establishment.
  • Have off-street parking serving the main use of your business.  The off-street parking must be reasonably accessible from a point of power connection, and parking spaces available for Bear Ready must be clustered together.
  • Be available to move forward in the Bear Ready program within a reasonable timeframe.