Winter Safety

Winter is a special time of year for the Big Bear Community. The snowy conditions bring visitors from all across the globe to enjoy the numerous winter activities that our community has to offer. It is one of the few places where southern Californians can experience a true Winter Holiday Season.

Winter also brings several challenges for residents and businesses alike. Extreme weather conditions can make driving unsafe for travelers and pose significant threats to the stability of local transportation and utility infrastructure.

Winter is also the time of year where residents use the most electricity and as a result, typically experience higher than normal electric bills. In order to stay safe and reduce your electric usage this winter season we've put together some helpful tips below.

Winter Safety Tips

  • Use surge protectors to help safeguard sensitive electronics and be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations when selecting surge protectors for your electronics
  • Do not use a kitchen gas range to heat rooms - it can lead to fire or a hazardous smoke condition
  • Remember during an outage, electric garage doors have manual controls
  • Always disconnect your service from the Bear Valley Electric Service system before starting your portable generator
  • Do not operate a generator indoors
  • During outages, keep your refrigerator and freezer door closed to keep contents colder, longer
  • To avoid accidential fires, candles should be enclosed within glass globes, placed on a solid surface and never left unattended

Working together as a community, we can all ensure we remain safe this winter season.

Winter Saving Tips

  • Reduce the use of portable heaters which require a significant amount of electricity to operate
  • Open blinds and drapes on sunny days to allow the sun's rays to warm your home
  • On overcast days and at night keep your blinds and drapes closed
  • Close doors to unused rooms and if possible reduce the heating to those rooms by closing ceiling and floor vents
  • Dress warm with layers of lightweight clothing and bundle up with extra blankets at night
  • When not using a fireplace, close the chimney damper to make sure the heat produced in your home is not lost
  • Choose energy efficient appliances when possible
  • Lower your lighting costs by participating in BVES' energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers
  • Repair insulation, caulking and weather stripping around your home
  • Insulate your water heater with an insulating device recommended by the manufacturer